Historical Overview

Over the last two thousand years, Christians have developed a number of poor habits that have, today, rendered many incapable of seeing the truth even when it is plainly before their eyes. Church elders, from many sects of Christianity in their zeal to deliver the word as they knew, or felt, it to be demanded blind unquestioning faith in their dictums regardless of Biblical evidence which contradicted their opinions. Many of the flock accepted that these ministers were smarter or holier and proffered their belief without question. Those who did not frequently found themselves banished from the congregation or, at one point in our history, condemned to death for heresy.

The inability or unwillingness to question has produced generations of children who are unable to see the light because their elders have, in the name of faith, forbidden the right to question. These comments should not be construed as an indictment of any one church or congregation but rather as a generalization befitting a moment afflicting many Christians.

Christians widely misidentify the primary characters of the Books of Daniel, Revelation, and John. When the character relates to something perceived as ‘good’ and is unidentified, interpreters assume Jesus.  Conversely, when the character is seen as ‘bad’ and is also unidentified, it becomes Satan. This practice has become so imbedded into the mentalities of the people that there seems little hope that logic or reason could prevail short of drastic and obvious interventions from forces higher up in the celestial food chain. Revelation predicts precisely this sort of arrival.

The Apostle John identifies the primary players of the end times. He did so in a fashion designed to insure that the meaning of his words would remain viable but hidden until the proper personality arrived to explain them. This served the logic of purpose of the generating author of the endeavor and guaranteed that the text would not be so altered in this time frame as to obscure the meanings from the eyes of the one intended to see it.
It was known to the Progenitor that, in this year 2002 AD, the words of the Bible would have been mutated and bastardized by a variety of elements endeavoring to write their unique interpretations into the Bible as if they had been written that way by the ones who actually did write the words. In many cases, the rewrites were from well-intended people who felt they knew the truth when, in actuality, they did not. Others, to script the Bible to suit their miscreance for a particular moment. Some have even ignored the explicit warning in Revelation not to add or subtract from the words and have indulged blasphemy in the doing. Regardless, the coded messages of Daniel, Revelation and John have survived to this time only because the meaning was beyond the scope of those who would have altered the words.