In The Beginning

It was there in front of us all along. The most published words on the Earth and, for the last two thousand years, we did not grasp their meanings. To be sure, some of it was visible, enough to give us a clue. Yet, the real significance of the text was hidden from us lest we come to sight prematurely.

The Apostle John had understandings of creation far beyond those of the other Apostles. He and the Progenitor of the words also had knowledge of coding. John possessed two other unique distinctions. He was the only Apostle to have lived out his full span of life and the only one Jesus entrusted with the care of his mother.

Revelation is the only book of prophecy in the New Testament. Unlike Old Testament prophets who made many predictions over a long period of time, John’s work is focused principally into this one effort. The subject matter of the ‘end times’ precludes that he would have been able to establish a reputation as a prophet in the manner of other Jewish seers.

It is a truism that the best place to hide something is in plain sight. The principle applies well to the journey we are about to undertake and it is a journey. The foundation and the logic of this work are built one brick at a time. Miss an element and you’ll remove an important connection.

I read the Books of John, Revelation and Daniel in the Bible and saw they had points of commonality. I could not understand why the human authors of these works would be so deliberately repetitious and redundant in the methodology they used to put their thoughts to paper. It struck me that a person has to try very hard to write this badly.  Revelation, in particular, seemed to be divided into sections and the repetitions appeared to serve a purpose even though the discovery eluded me. The work appeared coded and I sought to discover the ‘key’ to that element which has evaded our notice for two millennia.

I approached my associates, Susan Sinclair, Keith Muir, Dave Price, Rob Smith, Josie Keppler, Allie Phelps, Alan Aday, Paul Eppley and Greg Robbins for their assistance with particular note to Alison Phelps. Off and on for over a year, we discussed these matters but without significant result. Even so, their thoughts and comments served well, at times, to be a catalyst that would direct my attention to one place or another.

In the beginning of the quest, I hoped the formula would be mathematical. Math provides answers that are clear, concise and absolute. A thing is either right or wrong with no gray area left open to interpretations. There was no evidence of a mathematical solution.

I’ve used a King James Version of the Bible for my investigations. Raised as a Catholic, my first impulse was to go to the Douay Reims Catholic version. I have a Catholic Missal from forty years past during a time of my youth when I indulged delusions of holiness. At the end of the Mass, the Missal has a prayer that wasn’t really a prayer at all. No one ever said this during services because it was past the point where people were heading for the doors. In actuality, this text was the first fourteen lines of the Book of John. Comparing this to the current Douay Reims it became apparent that the words no longer match. Subtle changes have been made to the Catholic Bible in the last forty years and, in truth, it appeared to be much closer to the King James Version. Thus, King James became my choice.

In my efforts to discover a mathematical key (thoughts of the German Enigma Code floating through my brain), I had to draw note of the problems of translations into English and other languages. In the romance languages, French, Italian and Spanish (all derivations of Latin) nouns have words assumed in them. In Latin, for example, the word ‘Dominus’ means God but the word ‘Domini’ means ‘of God’. English spells out the added words while in other languages it is incorporated into the noun.

This meant that no mathematical formula could be operational in any translated version of the Bible.  A great deal of time was invested on this idea, all for naught. Even so, I was convinced, more than ever, that there was a code key buried in the text.
Within the last few years a new purported discovery called the Bible Code has joined us. This system of decoding functions with the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament and only in Hebrew. I picked up the Bible Code software off the Internet. The author had his act together. You could type in English with a dictionary translating it into Hebrew and back again into English.

The Bible Code works along the idea of ‘skips’. Assumed is that a coded message was placed within the text using letters with a skip factor of ‘x’ number of digits between letters. I concluded that legible words might appear by pure happenstance. I was suspicious that one might be able, with some effort, to reconstruct The United States Constitution. The idea of the Bible Code was dismissed.

We discussed the fact that within the text of Revelation certain words seemed to appear repetitiously.  The glimmers of a light bulb began to develop. What are the things that all languages have in common that would be the same regardless of which language you employed? The answer was glaringly simple, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Out of curiosity, I wrote a computer program to go through Revelation to pick out all lines of text with identical keywords and played with a number of variations. My expectation was that the outputted text would be disjointed and nonsensical. I was wrong! ‘Eureka – I found it!

The words now read like a dream and they made sense. A story beneath the surface appeared and the text derived from the keyword formula was legible and flowed together providing a continuity that was incredible.

I ran this by my associates to see if they were impressed and they agreed that new story appearing was, in fact, valid.

I dove into the Book of Daniel with new energy. It employed the same repetitious coding. Bingo, score Eureka Number Two. Scanning out the words from both books and combining them into a single document provided greater clarity to the messaging and also supplied new, heretofore unseen information.

I then tried to factor in the three books of John by adding them to the search engine. The Gospels of John, John 1 and John 2 were included into the same ‘collect all’ formula with Revelation and Daniel. Here, it broke down. The derived text was disjointed and didn’t flow in the fashion that Revelation and Daniel had demonstrated. I realized quickly that the books of Revelation and Daniel had to be left as one unit and programmed another software set just to handle the three gospels of John. Bingo! That did it. The continuity returned to the text immediately.

Now, being fully aware of this might be simply a quirk, I ran the software against the Book of Genesis. There is no obvious coding in this work. It flopped. The keyword formula will not work in Genesis. Score Eureka Number Three and I’m running around ranting at the discovery. This has been quite an exciting adventure.

Now, for the first time since these words were written, they are unsealed and we may come to the understanding that which was intended for us.

The Revelation Code is formatted into three layers, levels or dimensions. The first is that which we have seen for the last two thousand years. The second level is found by focusing on ‘Keywords’ and the third appears using link points from within the derived keyword results.

John and Daniel’s form of encryption uses a keyword as a vehicle for collecting relevant verses into one place. Then from within that text a link point word is used to draw new verses into the newly compiled text. The clarity provided by the new compilation removes the need for interpretations and the error attendant to the practice.

We will discover that while Christianity had a great deal of it right we also had a substantial amount of the story wrong. The biggest bad guy in the universe isn’t Satan. There’s one who is worse. The war in heaven is fought in three stages not one. Much of the action that occurs in this war is not even on the Earth but is in space and the role of mankind is greater and more glorious than any ever imagined.

An organizational difficulty surfaced while endeavoring to construct this storyline into a linear work. The Bible is very dry reading. How then was I to accommodate a wish for ‘easy reading’ and, at the same time, provide a detailed technical schematic for the serious Bible reader?

 I have provided The Books of Revelation, Daniel and a portion of the Book of John as appendices. I've  reserved ‘The Tale as Told in Revelation Code’ for the very last writing of this book. It is the most important section in that I show, step by step, how the coding works and why. I encourage the reader to jump to the last chapter (page 203) to gain a feel for the code; returning to this point only after you’ve satisfied your curiosity.