The Apostle John was a world class genius! Two thousand years ago he was given a vision of future events, the end times,  and encrypted within the verses of his Book of Revelation is a message that has remained hidden until the appropriate point in time. That time is now!

The REVELATION CODE is a masterpiece that cracks this encryption code and brings to light the true story that was deliberately withheld from plain view for the last two millennia. This is an amazing adventure into the past, present and onwards into the future.

The author identifies four characters with ‘Deity’ status and among them the misunderstood character of the Planetary Prince. New unforeseen information surfaces that indicates that Christians have misidentified the cornerstone of their beliefs
 ‘The Trinity’ and Satan is not the Devil, there is one who is far worse! Discover the real identity of the evil Antichrist and those that take center stage in the war against him.  Who are the new family of angels and what is in store for humanity?  This and much more within


This book will generate a firestorm of controversy and nothing will ever be the same again.


 Alison Phelps